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March 13, 2005



I did Sasquatch last year and loved it (Coldplay, Flaming Lips, et al), but this summer I wrote it off for multiple reasons.
1. The temperature changes at the Gorge - I was either roasting hot and sunburned or FREEZING fucking cold the second the sun set.
2. All the stoners smoking pot all around us, reminding me that I am the only person in the world that hates pot.
3. The drive.
4. The cost.
5. The honey buckets.
6. The absolutely draining exhausted feeling you can only have after a full-day concert outdoors when it's roasting hot and then freezing fucking cold.
7. I like the Pixies. Not enough though. I respect them, but not for $100 an a full day plus with travelling.
8. Modest Mouse - saw them 12? 15? times? And can honestly sound like a TOTAL Seattle groupie when I say I've seen them enough and have hung out with them enough to know that I don't care for them personally.


I'm glad you got to see them though. That's like me and Marilyn Manson back in the day!


I still think you should go. I will address your concerns one at a time:

1. You're right about the temperature.
2. No, I don't smoke pot either. That makes two of us.
3. Yes, especially the drive home.
4. The cost I can live with. So long as I don't stay in a motel.
5. Just try not to pee.
6. Okay, another good point.
7. Oh, come on!
8. Okay, you can wait in the line for the Honey Buckets during their set.

Actually the worst part about the Gorge is the parking paradox. The earlier you arrive, the shittier it is to get out of the parking lot. So either you get a great spot on the lawn, or you get a great parking spot. One of the two.


Re: getting out of the parking lot....
I figured that one out.
Hang out by the pond and listen to the bullfrogs for a while. That was SO COOL.


Hey, that sounds pretty cool.

I have also seen quite a few people just bring little barbeques and have a little tailgating party while everyone tries to get out of the parking lot. I remember one time sitting in my car, not moving, for about 30 minutes just staring at all these people eating burgers. I felt so lame.


Nice to see your story finally put on 'paper' for the ages. That was a hell of a good time in Winnipeg, including the locked keys. If only you'd come to Regina. And then Saskatoon.

Next time. :)


T-1 seasons until we do this again, cya there.

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