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November 26, 2015



Wow?! Where has the time gone!!
A little BOY too! So so pleased for you. Such a privilege to have met you and know you..cannot wait to meet little man! Any names yet? So lovely to hear that you are all doing well, apart from poorly girls 😔 hope they both get well soon!!
Here's my email... kerryfeehan@hotmail.co.uk
Would be great to keep in touch!
Much love and many blessings to you and your fabulous family
Kerry xx

María RMedinilla

What a joy to read you! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving day and wish the little baby boy born healthy and strong!

Lorraine Elderton

Lovely photo of both of them, miss my cuddles with them. Glad to hear you are doing well, & your baby son. Take care love to you all xxxx


Oh, yippee, a new picture of my girls, both in Ali's favorite color, and a report on THE BABY! This is so exciting! We are going to Utah on 12/1 and won't be back until 12/8, but M's Mom now has wi-fi in her house so I will be keeping up with baby news. I'm so glad your Mom is there, and I know she is glad, too. Say Hi to Margie for me, and hugs for everybody! Tell your Mom it's cold here, frosty every morning.

Andrew & Claire Dannatt

All sounds very exciting Irene - all the very best to you all!

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